Sailing thru mid life

2006/08/19(Sat) 07:37
なしSparta Rotterdam 1-2 Vitesse Arnhem
I have got a Sparta shirts for Riku.

2006/08/18(Fri) 03:24
なしI have been the session for 6 days.
Everything is fine here.
I visited the training of Vitesse Arnhem.
and going to see Sparta Rotterdam vs. Vitesse tomorrow.
Liverpool are poised to sign Holland striker Dirk Kuyt from Feyenoord after agreeing a fee for the 26-year-old.
Kuyt played for Holland in last night's 4-0 win over Republic of Ireland in Dublin and after the match hinted he was on the brink of joining Liverpool.
But that was Huntelaar night!

2006/08/16(Wed) 04:31
なしThat was bad not to visit Dutch inernational team yesterday. It was defending practis and how to instruct a team.
So, you have to know when is the right moment and what you say.
I could touch the ball 3 times in the session.
But I made a goal yesterday from 30 cm.

2006/08/15(Tue) 04:21
なしIt was very hard training today.
We did 4:3:3 vs. 4:4:2 formation for 40 min.
I am playing with former international player from Africa.
God! They are fucking so big and strong.

2006/08/14(Mon) 06:18
なしWould you go for anything but green?
Arouna Kone was blocked.
Urby Emanuelson and Ryan Babel were so good.
Stam was strong.
Cocu was cocu.
And I saw Garcia Gabri again.
Johan Cruyff Schaar
Ajax 3-1 PSV

2006/08/13(Sun) 14:53
なしGood morning!
We are going to Amsterdam Arena to watch Johan Cruyff Shield which is Ajax vs PSV in this afternoon.
I have a little pain on my knee.
But it looks fine.
I am going take a training session today too.
It is not easy to remember the name of all class mate.
Felix, from South Africa, is so cool.

2006/08/13(Sun) 03:19
なしI am not good controller.
We had two training session today in the rain.
I am shocked because our coach said I don not control the ball well.
Agustin, Ali, James, they are very good player.
They are all national coach.
I am enjoying so much.
Training session is so usefull.

2006/08/12(Sat) 12:25
なしgood morning!

2006/08/11(Fri) 20:03
なしI have arrived the hotel 2 hours ago.
But, I am still waiting for the room.
It is so cool here, like a Karuizawa.
It is rain today, I wish I had another long pants.
I already have some friend from Keniya and Zambia.
Be good with our kids.

KNVB Hotel 11/AUG/06
なしIt is cold in Netherland.
rain, rain cold.
Charlton Athretics is here.
and NZ woman.

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